Gage Animal Hospital provides funding as well as veterinary services for the care of wildlife, feral cats, rescued pets and pets owned by low income families residing within Shawnee County.

In the past six years, GAH has provided complete funding and veterinary service for the spaying, neutering, immunizations and necessary veterinary services for over 1,500 feral cats inhabiting Shawnee County.

GAH provides spays, neuters, and immunizations for cats belonging to members of our community whose income falls below federal poverty guidelines. Income verification and establishment of pet ownership is strictly documented in this program. Hundreds of families within Shawnee County have received veterinary services through this program.

Gage Animal Hospital is the proud sponsor of the award-winning children’s television program, Wild Kratts! Don’t miss it weekdays at 6:00p.m. on local channel 11, KTWU.