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Early detection, recognition, and timely intervention of medical conditions are the key to a long, healthy life. We recommend comprehensive physical exams for your pet at least once a year.  

GAH follows American Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association recommended guidelines in the administration of vaccines.

Our veterinarians are licensed to complete documents necessary for international travel or relocation of pets.

Whether it is a routine procedure such as a neuter or spay, or a complicated orthopedic procedure such as an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) prosthetic repair, the doctors and nursing staff of Gage Animal Hospital are keenly aware of the responsibilities entrusted to us.  We recommend pre-anesthesia blood screening for every pet that is to undergo surgery.  An individualized anesthesia plan is formulated for each patient.  Heart rate, respiration rate, ECG, temperature, and oxygen saturation monitors are utilized throughout complex surgeries.  Scheduled surgeries are performed between 10am and 2pm daily, allowing your pet to return to your care by 7pm.  Any necessary post-surgical visits are included in the cost of surgery. To facilitate patient comfort and recovery our surgical protocol requires that every pet receive intravenous fluids during and pain relief following surgery.   Any rare or complex surgeries for which our veterinarians have not established proficiency are referred to Blue Pearl Veterinary Medical Specialty Hospital in Overland Park, Kansas. 


Health Assessments

This novel technology utilizes stem cells isolated from your pet's own adipose (fat) tissues and direct​s these cells to stimulate healing, provide natural pain relief, increase mobility and improve the quality of life for your pet.  

Briefly described, within fat tissue there is a special subset of cells called adipose derived stem cells which we can collect in a simple surgical procedure requiring only 3 tablespoons of fat.  These stem cells have the capability to migrate to the site of injury and to divide and turn into other cells such as bone cells, cartilage and skin during normal wound repair.  By tricking the stem cells through exposing them to platelet rich plasma collected from a few milliliters of blood, we are able to amplify the wound healing process and then inject millions of these activated stem cells into the arthritic joint or site of injury to stimulate the repair and regrowth of healthy joint tissue. 

The entire stem-cell recovery and treatment process, a six-hour procedure conveniently performed on-site at Gage Animal Hospital, enables pets to return home the afternoon of their procedure.

Heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention

​•Flea/tick prevention

•Pet microchip identification (HomeAgain)


​•International health certificates

 A thorough physical examination is the foundation of any wellness assessment.  

•Health assessment blood profile 


•Comprehensive screening for intestinal parasites

•Annual screening for heartworms and tick-borne diseases

•Feline Heartworm, Feline Leukemia and FIV testing (cats)

Periodic wellness examinations may include: 
Internal Medicine/Diagnostics

•Health assessment blood profiles 


•Comprehensive screening for intestinal parasites

•Annual screening for heartworms and tick-borne diseases

•Feline Heartworm, Feline Leukemia and FIV testing (cats)

Heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention

​•Flea/Tick prevention

•Pet microchip identification (HomeAgain)


​•International health certificates
Our laboratory is well-equipped to provide an accurate diagnosis.
Testing procedures routinely performed include:
Whether a pet is ill or in need of a wellness check-up, our laboratory testing services provide an accurate diagnosis.  Additionally, we utilize a network of reputable referral laboratories that are able to provide rapid, accurate results.  

•Pre-Anesthesia Blood Profile 

•Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Profile

•Endocrine (Screening for Diabetes, Thyroid and Adrenal Disease)

•Urinalysis with Urine Sediment Examination

•Urine Culture and Antibiotic Susceptibility

•Comprehensive Intestinal Parasite Screening 

•Screening for Heartworm and Tick-Borne Diseases

•Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease and Heart Disease Monitoring

•Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

•Anti-Arthritis (NSAID) Drug Monitoring

•Chemo-Therapy Monitoring

•Needle Aspirate and Tissue Biospsies

Radiology is an important component of diagnostics.
Our diagnostic imaging enables us to find:  

•Orthopedic problems (i.e. arthritis,
hip dysplasia, metabolic bone disease,
fractures, dislocations, neoplasia)

•Respiratory tract conditions ( i.e. pneumonia, heart disease, pulmonary edema, heartworms, metastatic pulmonary disease)

•Gastro-intestinal tract problems (i.e. obstructions, foreign-bodies, GI motility disorders, neoplasia)

•Urinary tract problems (i.e. obstructions, urinary tract stones, neoplasia)

Ultrasonography, performed at GAH by a board-certified veterinary radiologist, is available to complement our diagnostic imaging capabilities.
The skin generally mirrors the overall health of your pet.
In addition to skin, dermatological disease may involve the hair, ears and nails.  These disease may be caused by allergies (i.e. inhalants, direct contact, food allergy), parasitic infection (i.e. mange mites, fleas), bacterial infection, fungal infection (i.e. ringworm, Malassezia yeast), endocrine disorders, emerging cancers and immune-mediated diseases.  
A comprehensive dermatological examination may include:


•Skin scrapings

•Hair exam

•Bacterial culture

•Fungal culture

•Skin biopsies

In-hospital allergy testing is available for pets diagnosed with atopic skin disease.
​We strive to ensure every aspect of our anesthesia protocol, surgical care and post-surgical pain management is the best available in veterinary medicine.

​•Orthopedic surgery
    Fracture repair
    Reduction of dislocations
    Femoral head ostectomy
    Patellar luxation repair
    Prosthetic repair of ACL injury
    Limb amputation 

• Eye/Eyelid surgery
    Superficial keratectomy
    Third eyelid flap

•Abdominal surgery
   Gastrointestinal surgery
    Urinary tract surgery
    Tumor removal surgery

•Integument (skin)
     Excise skin tumors 
     Dermal biopsies
     Cat declawing
     Anal sac ablation

Procedures routinely performed at Gage Animal Hospital include, but are not limited to:

​•Ear surgery
    Ear croppings
    Surgical drainage of aural hematoma
    Reconstructive surgery
    Lateral ear canal resection (Zepp)
    Total ear canal ablation
    Bulla ostomy 

• Oral surgery
    Excise fibrous epulus
    Repair jaw fractures
    Soft palate resection
    Dog debarking

Regenerative Medicine is a developing field of surgery that is minimally invasive and highly effective at restoring your pets normal joint function.

•Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment 

•Adipose-derived stem cell therapy

•Off-site cryo-banking of unused stem cells

Services in Regenerative Medicine include: 
How does the adipose-derived stem cell therapy work?
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
​Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, the benefits of which are well-documented, utilizes the natural healing properties of the body's blood platelets.  PRP therapy reduces inflammation and pain while simultaneously stimulating healing and rapidly restoring damaged tissue to a healthy state.  PRP therapy is routinely incorporated into most orthopedic surgical procedures performed at Gage Animal Hospital. 

Dr. Shipman is certified to perform regenerative stem cell therapy for orthopedic use from both Medi-Vet and Vet Stem through their training programs. 
Gage Animal Hospital Services
Your pet's dental health is an important part of his or her general health, yet dental care is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of pet health care.  

If dental problems are left untreated they can lead to more serious health problems including heart, lung and kidney disease. Regularly provided preventative dental care can significantly reduce the cost of your pets healthcare over a lifetime. 

•Separate dedicated cat ward

•Fresh bedding provided once daily,
more frequently if soiled

•Stainless steel water and food dishes washed and sanitized once daily, more frequently if soiled.

•Feeding of Hill's Science Diet twice daily, (or diet that you supply).

•Fresh water provided at all times.  

•Small hideaways within kennel provided for timid cats.

Cat Boarding Facilities:
Premium boarding services for your pet are provided in a safe, clean environment.

•Litter boxes changed and sanitized a minimum of three times daily, more frequently if soiled. 

•Virgin paper used for lining litter boxes.

•Each kennel completely sanitized every morning prior to 8am. 

•Any soiled kennel immediately and completely sanitized.  

•Individual roaming time daily

•Climate controlled to 72 degrees F 

•Current rabies and FVRCP vaccinations

•Negative Fecal sample within past year

Cat Boarding Requirements: 

•Fresh bedding provided once daily, more frequently if soiled. 

•Stainless steel water and food dishes washed and sanitized once daily, more frequently if soiled.

•Feeding of Hill's Science Diet twice daily, (or diet that you supply).

•Fresh water provided at all times.  

•Variety of kennels provided based on size of dog.

Dog Boarding Facilities:

•Each kennel completely sanitized every morning prior to 8am. 

•Any soiled kennel immediately and completely sanitized.  
•REAL walks in our spacious backyard three times daily, weather permitting

•Timely, courtesy bath if dog becomes soiled while boarding.  

•KONG toys provided for dogs

•Climate controlled to 72 degrees F
If flees are seen on your pet a CAPSTAR will be administered, followed by a topical application of a residual flea treatment product at your expense.

•Current rabies, DA2PPV, and Bordatella* vaccinations

•Negative Fecal sample within past year

​*Bordatella vaccine within past 6 months

Sixty percent of pets have some type of dental disease.
Whether the patient is large or small, their condition common or complex, we strive to keep clients informed about the treatment options/recommendations, prognosis and cost at all times. 

•Pedicures, complimentary service with grooming

•Ear Cleaning, complimentary service with grooming

•Expressing Anal Glands, complimentary service with grooming

•Sedation offered for high-anxiety pets

•Medicated shampoos include: Allergroom, Keratolux, Epi-Soothe, Benzoyl Plus, and Ecto-Soothe.

•Feel free to provide your own shampoo if you wish

Most of our dog boarders are happy to board at GAH.  They enjoy the different sights, sounds, and smells.  They enjoy romping on our back lawn and interacting with our vet assistants.  Occasionally, though, (and most often on a dog's first overnight stay with us) anxiety occurs which results in excessive barking.  This barking increases the anxiety of the barking dog and can lead to negative health conditions.  Also, this sort of barking creates stress which can result in more serious health problems for other dogs sharing a ward with the barker.  For this reason, dogs that exhibit excessive barking resulting from anxiety, are administered a mild sedative.  Of course, healthy barking at walk and feeding times is always expected and does not seem to cause discomfort to any of our boarders.  We never sedate for this type of barking.